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    Boiler Repair

    Boiler Repair in London

    Boiler Repair in London

    A broken boiler can be a huge worry and expensive to fix. We rely on them to heat our water and our homes and when they break down it can be a serious inconvenience needing immediate attention.

    You should always call a professional and never try and fix a broken boiler yourself. 

    For emergency repairs please call now 0203 105 5109

    Boilers can break down for many reasons be it low pressure, gas supply problems or corrosion.

    Our team of gas safe heating engineers are trained to deal with all types of breakdown and repairs.

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      • Boiler packed in 2 days before Christmas. Luckily these boys came out on Christmas Eve and got it fixed. He also fixed a leaky tap while he was here.

        James Rourke


      • Had a small leak through my bedroom ceiling. I was planning to take it down to see the problem, but called these guys first. Turned out we just needed some filler around the shower upstairs. A cheap and easy fix.

        Alex Bennet


      • My Quooker tap system had an issue that destroyed my sink unit. Had some astronomical quotes!! TPHC’s quote was almost half of others. Tap fixed, unit replaced, very happy.

        Adam Pearce


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